What Is Ringworm What are Causes Its Symptoms And Treatment

How To Treat Ringworm  Its Causes And Cures

Ringworm of the skin is an infection resulting from a fungus .

Jock itch is a type of ringworm which usually causes an itchy rash on the skin of your groin area. This is very common in men compared to in women. Jock itch can be caused due to the spread of athlete’s foot fungus to the groin. Below ringworm symptoms and its treatment cures are given .

 What exactly causes ringworm?
  •  Ringworm is not really caused by a worm. This is caused due to a fungus. The types of fungi (plural of fungus) which usually cause ringworm live and also spread on the top layer of the skin as well as on the hair. They grow best in warm, moist areas, for example locker rooms and swimming pools, as well as in skin folds.
  • Ringworm is contagious. It usually spreads while you have skin-to-skin contact with a person or maybe animal that has it. This can also spread while you share things for example towels, clothing, or maybe sports gear.
  • You may also get ringworm by touching an infected dog or maybe cat, while this form of ringworm is not even common.


What are the symptoms?
  • Ringworm of the skin generally causes a very itchy rash. It usually makes a pattern in the shape of a ring-camera , however not always. Many times it is just a red, itchy rash.
  • Jock itch is a rash in the skin folds of the groin. It can also spread to the inner thighs or maybe buttocks.
  • Ringworm of the hand looks just like athlete’s foot. The skin on the palm of the hand becomes thick, dry, as well as scaly. And skin in between the fingers may be moist and also have open sores.
 How can it be treated?
  • Most ringworm of the skin may be treated at home by using creams you can buy without a recommended. Your rash may clean up soon after you start treatment, however it’s important to keep by using the cream for as long as the label as well as your doctor says. This will help keep the infection from coming back. When the cream doesn’t work, your doctor can recommend pills that will certainly kill the fungus.
  • In case ringworm is not treated, your skin might blister, as well as the cracks may become infected with bacteria. When it happens, you will require antibiotics.
  • In case your child is being treated for ringworm, you do not have to keep him and her out of school or maybe day care.
In order to prevent ringworm:
  •  Do not share clothing, sports gear, towels, or maybe sheets. When you think you have been exposed to ringworm, wash your clothes in hot water by using special anti-fungus cleaning soap.
  • Wear slippers and also sandals in locker rooms as well as public bathing areas.
  • Shower and shampoo well after any sport which consists of skin-to-skin contact.
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing. Change your socks and also underwear at least one time a day.
  • Keep your skin clean and also dry. Always dry yourself fully after showers and baths, drying out your feet last.
  • If you have athlete’s foot, put your socks on just before your underwear in order that fungi do not spread from your feet to your groin.
  • Take your pet to the vet when it has patches of missing hair, which may be a indication of a fungal infection.

If you or maybe someone in your family has symptoms, it is very important to treat ringworm right away in order to keep several other family members from getting it.


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